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Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference 12yo Oloroso Sherry

I’m a big fan of the TV series Frasier, the US comedy about a snobby psychiatrist and radio show host, although his brother Niles often steals the show. If you haven’t watched the show before, Frasier often greets Niles by offering him a sherry. Before now, I had read about sherry, but my only experience of it had been a generic “sweet sherry” in a bar on holiday in Mallorca a few years ago.


Feel like Frasier – treat yourself to a sherry!

The last time I was in Sainsbury’s browsing the wine aisle looking for something different, I thought I’d try the favoured drink of the Crane brothers, and spotted this Taste the Difference 12 year old blend of Oloroso Sherry for the affordable price of £7 (reduced from £8).

I know I shouldn’t be swayed by awards, but it had won a Gold award at the International Wine Challenge, and other wines I have tasted with the familiar sticker have been at least “pretty good”.

Matching the typical description of an Oloroso sherry, it tasted exactly like it said on the label. At a generous 20%, it was dark and rich, with some sweetness, like a group of raisins sharing a relaxing bath full of caramel. If you hadn’t suspected, that’s my own description, but if Sainsbury’s feel like putting it on the label, I’d happily accept another bottle for the priviledge!

After researching, it appears that the sherry consumed by Frasier is… Harvey’s Bristol Cream! He usually pours it from a decanter, but some fans have spotted the recognisable blue bottle in the background. An unusual choice, considering how “common” it is!


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