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Book Review – Drinking for Chaps: How to Choose One’s Booze

I’m a fan of Olly Smith’s wine writing style; light-hearted, approachable and fun, without the pretentious air that often comes with the topic of wine. In this book, he partners Gustav Temple, editor of the wonderfully named ‘The Chap Magazine‘, to educate us in all things alcohol.


An entertaining read – not just for chaps!

It is split into logical chapters covering everything from white, red, and fortified wines, to whisky and cocktails. Every chapter is written in a humorous, yet informative tone, with details of how each drink is made, their history, how they should be served, and in some cases, how a gentleman should be dressed when consuming their chosen beverage!

The chapters are broken up with delightful black and white drawings of well-dressed gentlemen, and interesting articles on etiquette and history, with pieces on chaps like Winston Churchill, with his over-indulgence on Pol Roger Champagne.

This is the perfect book for those wanting to improve their knowledge of drinks, but want to be entertained whilst doing so. Nobody wants to pair the enjoyment of a fine wine or single malt whisky with the chore of studying. Cheers!

Buy ‘Drinking for Chaps: How to Choose One’s Booze’on Amazon.co.uk





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