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Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Shiraz

If you had asked me a few months ago if I had ever tried a sparkling red wine, I would probably have responded with a confused silence, or asked if you were mad. In most supermarkets, there’s always an abundance of Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco, and a decent selection of sparkling rosé, but a bottle of red bubbly is nowhere to be seen. No wonder I’d never tried it before!


Fruity red fizz! Serve slightly chilled.

After reading a magazine article about these mysterious liquids, I noticed that one of the wines mentioned was available in my local Sainsbury’s supermarket, and it was on offer. Jackpot! I threw (Well, gently placed) one in my shopping basket, and saved it for the weekend, when I was expecting friends over for a few drinks.

As this bubbly bottle of red was completely new to me, I had to investigate serving temperatures, and decided to serve it slightly chilled. Several of my fellow drinkers aren’t really fans of red, but surprisingly, every last drop was finished. Comments included “Unusual, but not sure if I’d buy it” to “This is pretty nice!” A good result I’d say!

The fizz and the temperature made the wine feel much lighter than you’d expect with a Shiraz, and the red fruit flavours and aromas really came forward. The tannins weren’t nearly as prominent as expected either, and at 12.5% alcohol, it’s slightly lower in strength compared to Jacob’s Creek’s non-sparkling Shiraz.

Because these wines aren’t so easy to come across, I’m not sure how long it will be before I taste another sparkling red, but if you want to pleasantly surprise your friends, this one is definitely worth bringing to the party!


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