Cider / Review

Drinks forecast; Addlestones with a bit of cloud.

Sharing a two litre bottle of White Lightning with friends during the teenage years is a lot of peoples’ first experience of cider. Mine was a little bit more exciting; turning it into a cocktail of cider and blackcurrant, consumed in a tent at 9pm after exhausting all of the pubs in the beautiful town of Aberfeldy during a camping trip when I was 18.


Addlestones Cloudy – A smooth and mellow cider

For a long time I’ve avoided cider, thinking it as the drink of under-age boozers and hardcore alcoholics, but recent years has seen cider become a lot more trendy. Tonight, I decided to end my working week by rinsing down my Mackie’s haggis and cracked black pepper crisps (if you haven’t tried them, I’d seriously recommend it) with a glass of Addlestones Cloudy Premium Cider. I’d never tried a cloudy cider before but after seeing this in my local Sainsbury’s, and knowing I had a whole night to relax, I had to give it a taste.

Not quite as crisp and acidic as other ciders I’ve tried, but it has a smooth and mellow taste. I almost forgot it was alcoholic as I poured my second glass. It’s gentle fizz makes it go down a little too easily and had me wishing I’d bought a second bottle. At 5%, it’s not too strong, so no need to worry if you do have more than one! Produced with bittersweet English cider apples and fermented twice, this cider isn’t filtered so has a lovely golden but cloudy appearance.




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