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Marks and Spencer Very Rare Pedro Ximenez Sherry

As the end of Internal Sherry Week approaches, what better reason to try a different type of sherry? I enjoyed the bolder style when I tried the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Oloroso, and I’m a fan of dessert wines, so it was decided. The super-sweet Pedro Ximenez would be the next stop on my Sherry journey.


Sweet and sticky – a delight over ice cream

After a quick search on the M&S website, I found their highly regarded Very Rare Pedro Ximenez, which scooped a Gold medal in the International Wine Challenge 2016. It comes in a 35cl bottle that would could be easily mistaken for a bottle of beer.

I’ve read conflicting opinions over whether it should be served chilled or room temperature, so why not try both? Served chilled, it went down very smoothly, and I could really taste the sweetness and the flavours of toffee and raisins. It wasn’t quite as thick  and syrupy as I was expecting, but with such a high sugar content (Pedro Ximenez can contain between 300-500g per litre!) it could be seen clinging to the side of the glass.

Next up was dessert. Pedro Ximenez is often recommended with ice cream, so in the name of research, it was slowly drizzled over a bowl of Aldi’s finest dairy vanilla ice cream. What a treat! Kids can keep their strawberry sauce and sprinkles, I’ll take a topping of PX!

I left the bottle out of the fridge and let it come closer to room temperature before trying it again. Served warmer, the flavours were bolder, and the stickiness seemed greater. The taste of a no-longer fizzy Coca Cola popped into my head.

Chilled or not, I’d happily be served some Pedro Ximenez either way. The bottle may be small in stature, but it packs a punch!


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