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Cambalala Pinotage 2016 – South Africa

This is the second South African wine from November’s Aldi Wine Club delivery, and one I was looking forward to trying as it’s a varietal I was unfamiliar with.

Pinotage is South Africa’s signature grape – a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Cinsault was formerly known as Hermitage in South Africa, which explains the -tage part of its name. It can be made in a variety of styles, from light and fruity, to robust and full bodied.


A medium-bodied Pinotage – lovely with dark chocolate

This example is from the West Cape region, and sits somewhere in the middle-upper end of these styles. It’s a deep purple in the glass, with bold, ripe red fruit aromas. It has a medium level of tannins, and 13% alcohol. It tastes very jammy and fruity, with raspberry and bramble standing out. I enjoyed it with a bar of Moser Roth Peruvian chocolate (62% cocoa), also from Aldi. A party for my tastebuds!

Like the Toro Loco Superior, this is another tasty wine from Aldi for under £4, currently £3.79 for a bottle. I think I’ll seek out another Pinotage to try before returning to this one, but the jammy flavours of this grape certainly agree with me.



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