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Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Pedro Ximenez Sherry

It’s official: I’m in love with Pedro Ximenez sherry! Having only tried it for the first time recently, it has now cemented its place on my list of favourite drinks. My partner isn’t a fan of wine, but does have a fondness for sickly sweet dessert wines like Sauternes. She bought a bottle of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference 12 year old Pedro Ximenez Sherry.

Taste the Difference Pedro Ximenez Sherry

A sweet sticky treat!

Although slightly more expensive than the Marks and Spencer version I tried previously, it does come in a more generous 50cl bottle instead of 35cl. Thankfully a small amount goes a small way. Like the M&S Pedro Ximenez, this one was also a Gold Medal winner at the 2016 International Wine Challenge.

After taking a sniff, I knew I was in for a treat. Aged for 12 years in oak casks, with aromas of caramel and raisins and a hint of Christmas pudding, it smells like a dessert. With just a small sip and such a high sugar content, I could almost imagine it attacking the enamel of my teeth. Served slightly chilled, I could really feel the luxuriously viscosity as it coated the inside of my mouth.

Flavours of dried fruits; raisins, prunes and figs were very noticable, as well as the obvious sweetness. The label advises serving poured over vanilla ice cream, which I certainly wouldn’t object to. I’d imagine it would combine perfectly with one of my favourite desserts, sticky toffee pudding, or with that time of year quickly approaching, a generous portion of Christmas pudding.

If you’re planning to visit friends and family over the festive period, take a bottle of Pedro Ximenez along with you, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms! Merry Christmas!

Available at

Alcohol: 18%


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