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New Year Sparklers From Aldi

When it comes to drink, nothing says Happy New Year quite like a glass of bubbly. Popping the cork and pouring glasses for friends is the perfect way to end one year, and welcome in the next. We had two bottles to try out, one being the Champagne Mosigny NV (recently received from the Aldi Wine Club – good timing!) and the other, their Cremant Du Jura Chardonnay.

Aldi Cremant Du Jura

Cremant – A great value alternative to Champagne

With sparkling wines, Champagne is usually a bit on the expensive side, so many people opt for Prosecco, without considering any other options. Aldi have given us something to think about with this Cremant du Jura. Cremant is sparkling wine produced in the same method is Champagne, but outwith the Champagne region, often providing great value. This Chardonnay has won multiple awards, and comes in a very classy looking bottle, so it’s a bargain at only £7.49. I even heard the gentleman behind me at the checkout with several bottles trying to persuade a fellow customer to replace his Prosecco with it! It’s a crisp, acidic, fruity wine with apple and citrus flavours, and plenty of fine bubbles. It was on Aldi’s shelves last year, so hopefully this time it’s here to stay. On their website, it seems to have been rebranded as part of their Exquisite Collection, but in the same shape of bottle. I spotted it on BBC’s Christmas Kitchen, chosen by wine expert Jane Parkinson as part of their Luxury or Less segment, where it was enjoyed by all of the guests.

Next up, we had their Champagne Mosigny NV, received as part of the Aldi Wine Club. It comes in a more traditionally shaped sparkling wine bottle. Compared to big names in the supermarkets at around £30, Aldi’s own brand offering comes in at a very tempting £9.99.

Aldi Champagne Mosigny

Bubbles – the perfect way to celebrate the new year!

On the nose, it has more pleasant toasty and yeasty notes than the Cremant du Jura, as expected with a Champagne. Another award winner, this sparkler also has mouth-watering ripe juicy apple flavours, with buttery hints, and plenty of fine fizz. This was also used on Christmas Kitchen as part of a cocktail made by Olly Smith, something people may be less willing to do if they had spent more on a bottle of bubbly.

If I remember correctly, Olly made a variation of a French 75, a sparkling wine cocktail I had never tried. The recipe for the classic French 75 is:

35ml Gin
15ml Lemon Juice
2 dashes Sugar Syrup
60ml Sparkling Wine

Shake the gin, lemon juice, and sugar syrup with ice, and strain into a Champagne flute, before topping up with the sparkling wine.
We used the Cremant du Jura to make it, and it was delicious. It reminded me of a Smirnoff Ice, but a more classy, and much better tasting one!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t mentioned the other bottle in my photo – the St Stephan’s Crown Tokaji Aszu, which was reduced in Aldi from £14.99 to £9.99. It’s not often you’ll see a Tokaji for that price! This was part of their range over Christmas, so you may spot some remaining stock reduced in your local store.

Finally, we hope you had a great evening, and may 2017 be filled with more great drinks! Cheers!


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