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New Year – Try A New Wine

I realise we’re now half-way through the month of January, but after reading a comment online, I thought this was worth writing about. The comment? “Find a wine you like, and stick with it”. Have you ever read such madness?

Most people have favourites, and it can be reassuring to spot a familiar name when browsing through a lengthy wine list, decreasing the chance of buying a wine you won’t like, but how boring would life be if we only stuck to what we know? If I followed that advice, I’d still be drinking Blossom Hill Californian White which I enjoyed as a youngster.

The first time I remember seeking out a specific wine was when I had Aldi’s bargain Toro Loco Tempranillo suggested to me by a colleague as a red I may enjoy, when at the time, I had only tried a few different ones I wasn’t too keen on. I referred to Google, and found a news article singing its praises, and this became the first red I really enjoyed. Apologies for referring you to The Daily Mail.

Another wine I remember hunting for strangely came about because of an episode of Frasier, when during a wine tasting “taste-off”, Frasier’s brother Niles warned him “Prepare to be stomped like a late-harvest Gewurztraminer”. Threatening or not, I had no idea what he had just said, so I decided read about the varietal, and bought a bottle. This floral and perfumed wine has now become one of my favourites.

Other completely different bottles I tried after seeing them recommended on TV cookery shows or in newspapers which were completely new to me include Aldi’s Australian Berton Vineyard Botrytis Semillon dessert wine, which wowed me with it’s luscious honey-like sweetness, and the syrupy thick Pedro Ximenez sherry, which is a real treat served with vanilla ice cream. I thought the Semillon was heavenly, but when when I shared it with friends, some loved it, and several screwed their faces in disgust. You won’t like every wine you try, but there are so many varietals and styles out that are widely available, so why not give them a try?



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