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Aldi’s Exquisite Chardonnays

I’ve tried a fair amount of wines including several Chardonnays, but without really having much chance to compare them side by side. Since starting this blog, I thought it would make sense to do just that, learning more about them in the process. The wines we tried were both 2015 bottles from Aldi’s Exquisite Collection, one from the Languedoc region in France, and the other from Limestone Ridge, Australia.

Aldi Chardonnay

A pair of Chardonnays from Aldi’s Exquisite Collection


The Limoux was created by Jean Claude Mas, whose name I’ve noticed on other Aldi wines, as well as Sainsbury’s. They’re obviously happy with the job he’s doing! The Limestone Coast is produced by Adam Eggins at Wakefield Wines, and although I’m not familiar with his, it’s good to see Aldi working with top producers who are proud enough of their creations to slap their names on a supermarket wine’s label!

Australia was traditionally known for its oaky Chardonnay, but in this case, the Australian was un-oaked, with the Limoux being oaked. On the nose, the difference was noticeable, although the aromas from the oak influence weren’t overpowering. The zesty citrus aromas were stronger on the Australian.

The Limestone Coast Chardonnay is pretty strong for a white at 14%, and is very crisp and fruity. This pale-coloured wine is full-bodied, and has juicy lemon and tropical fruit flavours, and goes down a treat! Very refreshing at £5.79 a bottle. The straw-coloured Limoux feels a bit more smooth and rounded with more apple and buttery oak flavours, but again, the flavours added by the oak aren’t as strong as I’ve noticed with other inexpensive Chardonnays. It is a bit more expensive at £6.99, and comes in at 13.5%.

We slightly preferred the un-oaked Australian, but I’d be happy to buy both again. If you’re new to learning more about wine like us, without attending organised tastings, trying two similar but different bottles side by side is the way to go. Cheers!


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