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Wine In A Beer Bottle

Some people still see wine as having a stuffy snobby image, but Aldi are trying to turn that around with a range of wines from South Africa.

Made by Origin Wines, these unpretentious wines come in brown 50cl bottles with crown caps, similar to what you’d more commonly find craft beer in. The labels certainly stand out, and it would be easy to confuse them with craft beers.

There are four wines in the range; sparkling white and rosé Moskato and organic white and reds. Unfortunately I could only track down the rosé and organic whites to try out.

We tried the sparkling rosé first, and it was a hit with all three of us. Fun and fruity, and a darker red than other rosé Moscatos I’ve tried, the strawberry aromas jumped out of the glass. It was quite sweet, but not sickly, and was full of juicy red fruit flavours. At only 5.5%, and in a small bottle, you could happily have a whole bottle to yourself.

The white was good, but didn’t stand out as much. Trying to make the wine appear more casual, there are no tasting tasting notes on the label, so I had to resort to Google to find out which grapes were in the bottle (A Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc blend). At 11.5%, it was nice enough, with some tropical flavours.

Whether they change some people’s wine drinking habits or not, it’s nice to see Aldi trying something new. The smaller bottles are a great idea for those who a feel a whole bottle is too much. I’m not sure I’d bother with the white again, but the sparkling rosé is already back on my shopping list.

Aldi’s wine buyer Mike James suggested “drink direct from bottle, consider a straw, pour in a tumbler, wine glass or flute…any which way…” although I couldn’t bring myself to pull out a straw. Maybe next time!


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