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Fruity Flavoured Vodka – Ciroc Pineapple

I received this 5cl bottle of Ciroc Pineapple flavoured vodka as a wedding favour last year, and it had sat in my drinks cupboard since. I’d never tried plain Ciroc vodka before, as it’s priced considerably above most, and I’d never really seen the appeal of these “Premium vodkas”.

Unlike most vodkas which are made from grain or sometimes potatoes, this French vodka is made from grapes, and is 5 times distilled.

I’ve always drunk vodka as a mixer, but after recently reading Drinking for Chaps (Olly Smith and Gustav Temple) which mentioned drinking vodka straight from the freezer, I thought this might be the way to try this flavoured example.

I was pleasantly surprised! After pouring it from the frosted bottle, it had a nice fruity aroma, without being too strong. The cold temperature of the vodka made it taste crisp and smooth, without the alcohol burn I was expecting from a 37.5% spirit. The tropical flavour is also nice and a bit sweet, without being too sickly. I detected a subtle hint of coconut, but from the few details on the bottle, I had no idea if this was added.

It’s not something that I’d drink regularly, but it’s got me considering trying some plain vodkas straight from the freezer!


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