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A Super Shiraz from Aldi

After a busy week at work, I took a look in my wine rack and noticed that it was mainly reds, so what better reason to open a Shiraz and put the red-white supply back in balance. This one is from Aldi’s Exquisite Collection, which I usually find to be great quality and value.

Aldi Shiraz

A bold red from down under

This 2015 Shiraz comes from South Eastern Australia, with no more details on the bottle, like a lot of Aldi’s Exquisite Collection, which suggests it’s a blend from harvests from a variety of vineyards in the region.

I poured a glass of the deep purple liquid, and left it to breathe for an hour before drinking. On the nose, the deep dark fruit aromas jump out of the glass, with some savoury notes like leather also noticeable. A large sip showed ripe dark fruit flavours, with a hint of liquorice, which I didn’t mind, despite not being a fan of the stuff! It’s a robust full-bodied wine with a lot of tannins, which I could feel all around my mouth. There was some spice noticeable on the long finish. At 14%, it’s not the strongest Australian Shiraz I’ve tried, but it felt big, with legs visible on the sides of the glass long after I had finished.

I probably don’t drink enough reds, so that’s something I intend to do this year to learn more about the different styles. As Niles Crane on Frasier described an Australian Shiraz in a blind tasting, “It was ripe, round and thoroughly seductive” which I think sums up this one perfectly. At £5.79 a bottle, give it a try. Cheers!



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