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A bottle or two…or six

I can’t think of many ways I’d rather spend a night in, than with a takeaway and a bottle of wine…apart from a takeaway and six bottles of wine (I had the help of friends, not all consumed by me!).


With the intention of introducing friends to some new wine, the intention was to try two or three different types…but that quickly escalated. First of the evening was was to finish our host’s bottle of Hardy’s 2014 Private Bin Pinot Grigio. Despite being Commended at the International Wine Challenge 2015, the pear and peach with citrus undertones were underwhelming. We’re still keen for any recommendations on an exciting Pinot Grigio?

To show my friends that a quality sparkling wine can be bought for around the same price as a bottle of prosecco, out came the Dive Into Drinks favourite, the Philippe Michel Cremant Du Jura sparkling Chardonnay. The crisp and zingy taste, along with it’s fine bubbles lead to an all round thumbs up. At only £7.49, there’s no need to break the bank for a good sparkling wine.

After showing the group this clip from Frasier here (skip to 00:40 for the good bit!), we opened Clare’s choice; Rockstone Ridge’s 2015 White Zinfandel. She remembered liking White Zinfandel some years ago but hadn’t tried any in years so why not have a reminder. Apart from Frasier and Nile’s mockery, I’d never experienced one before and I’m not sure it’s one I’ll be revisiting any time soon. The strawberry and raspberry flavours were very noticeable but it was more like juice than wine. Even the sweet-toothed girls found it too sweet, with both of them not even finishing their glass.

Time to show them how strawberry should taste in a wine; I brought out Cairn O’Mohr’s Strawberry wine. Based in Perthshire in Scotland, they use nearly a pound of strawberries in every bottle. It’s fresh fruity taste was popular with all and with the Dive Into Drinks team planning a tour of the winery this summer, I hope their shop is well stocked with this one! I’d also recommend their sparkling strawberry wine. Delicious!

It was after midnight by this point but not wanting to leave any of the bottles feeling neglected, we opened one of my first deliveries from Aldi’s wine club; the Castellore Pinot Grigio Blush (read my previous review here). A very pale rosé, this was yet another which claimed to have strawberry flavours. Like last time I tried this, I felt it was a very subtle fruity taste but a refreshing wine for our tipsy group.

Last wine of the night was a Spanish wine; Casa Luis Sauvignon Macabeo. With everyone being fairly intoxicated by this point…I can’t even remember what this tasted like! I may need to try another bottle in the future…

An fun night with a varied mixture of wines, I’m already looking forward to next time.





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