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A Few More Beers

I’ve tried a few styles of beer recently, but one thing that hasn’t been on my radar is flavoured beers. A colleague suggested trying Wells Banana Bread Beer, which sounded like it would worth a try, due to my newfound liking for beer, and fondness of banana bread! Wheat beer is another I hadn’t tried, so I got a bottle of that too.


Flavoured beers from Wells

Wells Banana Bread Beer (5.2%) is an beer flavoured with Fair Trade bananas. The banana flavour is quite subtle, but just enough to stand up to the boldness of the dark-ish beer.

Wells Waggle Dance (5.0%) is a paler beer than the Banana Bread beer, and is flavoured with honey, named after the movements a bee makes to alert the hive that nectar is nearby. Unfortunately the taste isn’t as good as the name. Not the most pleasant aroma, and the honey taste didn’t stand out.

Wychwood Hobgoblin (5.2%) isn’t a flavoured beer like the other pair, but is a ruby ale I had recommended to me. I’ve realised that I’m not as keen on ruby ales compared to paler ales, but it wasn’t bad! Robust, dark and malty. Top marks for the label design!

Aldi Rheinbacher Weissbier (5.0%)
After reading about wheat beers, I had high hopes for this one, but was left disappointed. Light and floral, it was OK, but was lacking in flavour.

Having tried several of styles of beer over the past few weeks, I’ve got more of an understanding of what each type is about. If you have any favourites we should try, please let us know. Cheers!


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