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Beers With Some Bite – BrewDog

They may have received some negative press recently, but what BrewDog have achieved since being founded in 2007 is a great success story for Scottish business. The Ellon-based brewer has grown from a new company in the Aberdeenshire town of Fraserburgh, to an internationally known brand with bars around the world. They produce a wide range of beers from lagers to stouts.


A selection of beers from BrewDog

Although their size now means many people considering them more a mainstream than a “craft beer” producer, it means they’re easy to find, with a selection being available in most supermarkets. Punk IPA was recommended by a friend, so I gave it a try, along with another two I saw on the shelves.

PUNK IPA (5.6%) is their best known beer, an India Pale Ale which they credit with kick starting the Scottish craft beer revolution. A full-bodied beer with tropical fruit flavours, and made with a variety of new world hops. A very tasty ale, which I’m sure I’ll buy again.

Dead Pony Club (3.8%) is a session pale ale, made with a lot of US hops. The bitterness is offset by the fruit flavours, and a delicious floral elderflower taste, which also comes across strongly on the nose. Very easy drinking, and at under 4%, you could have a few!

Elvis Juice (6.5%) is an American IPA infused with grapefruit. As soon as I opened the bottle, the grapefruit aromas jumped right out – a delicious smelling beer! It tasted delicious too, with juicy citrus fruits, tart grapefruit, and not too bitter. It’s put citrus infused beers on my ‘to try’ list. If you have any suggestions, let me know!


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