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Enjoying Variety

Recently I’ve been drinking more beer than wine, but the balance may tip back towards wine, having joined The Wine Society. Founded in 1874, it’s a non-profit co-operative owned by its members, and is the world’s oldest wine club. I’m planning on placing my first order this weekend, and existing members on Twitter have been very helpful in making recommendations. They have a good range from around the world, with lots of bottles under £10, all the way up to famous wines like Penfolds Grange, and Chateau Lafite Rothschild at over £700 a bottle!

Wine Society membership pack

My Wine Society membership pack!

Last weekend treated us to glorious sunshine in Scotland, so it was the perfect excuse for a family gathering and drinks in the garden. Sun and cold beer is a perfect combination, so I fetched a bottle of Adnam’s Ghost Ship from the fridge. It’s a pale ale which I enjoyed, so I’ll keep an eye out for their other beers in future. I also had a gin and tonic using the Adnam’s Copper House gin that I bought on World Gin Day, which was very refreshing with a few mint leaves picked from the garden.

Next up was a whisky cocktail, after I received a package from the website BzzAgent, containing a bottle of Naked Grouse whisky, Fentiman’s Cherry Cola, and a jar of cocktail cherries. The whisky is a blend which includes famous names like The Macallan and Highland park, which was nice and full bodied on its own, but was enjoyed more by everyone as part of their signature cocktail: a Naked Cherry. The addition of Fentiman’s cherry cola was delicious, and had a more herbal character than mass-produced colas. They’re a brand I’ll be keeping a look out for when purchasing quality mixers.

Finally, I popped into a local wine shop yesterday to buy some sour beers, a type I haven’t tried before. Fortunately, they happened to have a few bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne open to try. As I was driving, I limited myself to a small taste of the rosé Imperial NV. The red fruit flavours were scrumptious, and a full glass would have been a nice way to end a long day at work! Cheers!



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