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Eden Mill Gin Cocktails

These brightly coloured bottles caught my eye in my local Aldi, and having enjoyed our visit to Eden Mill distillery back in July, I popped one of each in my basket. Each 250ml aluminium bottle contains a cocktail (8% ABV) made with one of the Fife company’s gins.


Brightly coloured beauties!

We tried the gold bottle Citrus Fizz first served over ice. It is made with Eden Mill’s Original Gin, blended with lemon, grapefruit, and blood orange juices. Very easy and delicious to drink, but I felt the orange dominated the other flavours. It reminded me a bit of fizzy orangeade!

The Berry Bramble cocktail contains Love Gin, combined with apple, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon juices, along with black carrot and elderflower extract. This one was cloudy in the glass, and the solids could be seen settling on the bottom after a while. It was very sweet and the red berry flavours really stood one.

The green Basil Smash looked like a kale smoothie in the glass, and the colour may put some people off. The herbal basil aroma was quite strong, and my drinking companion wasn’t keen on it at all. Containing Hop Gin with lime and watermelon juices with safflower, this one didn’t taste as sweet, and had a very savoury flavour. It was my favourite as it was so different from the sweet fruity ones.

They are available to buy at the Eden Mill distillery, online at, and in some Scottish Aldi stores. An intriguing Roasted Martini cocktail is also available containing oak gin with coffee beans and vanilla (two of my favourite flavours!) so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one.


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